I so know what you are going through….

Let me guess:

You are frustrated with the fact that you are spending a bunch of money and not making any, or not making enough.

You feel like you are crazy to try and make money being creative.

You’ve heard of people that earn trips and make money selling Stampin’ UP! or other direct sales products, but you know you could never be one of them.

You hate your job.

The thought of messing up your blog, or your social media terrifies you.

You can’t figure out what it is that the “successful people” know and do that you don’t.

You feel like the people around you that are in your business only tell you just enough but no the whole truth about what they are doing to be successful.

I’ve been there.


I am here to HELP YOU.  Especially if you are in direct sales.  Because everything ‘s a bit different when you are selling someone else’s product.

I have a huge desire to help others achieve what I have achieved in the amount of time I have achieved it.  AND… I want to help you avoid all the mistakes I made that really slowed me down and kept me from being more successful.

I can help you navigate this crazy world of blogging, social media, marketing, branding, content building… the list goes on.  When you KNOW better you DO Better.

Take it from me… if I knew then what I know now.  I would’ve saved time, money and energy for sure!

Here’s the scoop, and I will try not to bore you.

I worked in a corporate America for 10 years. I looked at a computer all day and four gray walls.  I was like a kid at school whose favorite part of the day was recess. I could not wait for lunch time, and to leave the office.

After having my little girl, my hubs and I made a decision that would be life changing for me.  We decided I would stay home to be with our daughter.

Being creative always has come natural to me.  I started scrapbooking as early as 13 years old.  Yes I still have the Garth Brooks scrapbook album that I made.

The other thing that has always been a strength of mine is communicating and helping people.

Neither of these talents were used at the cubicle job.  ICK.  It still gives me shivers.

I began my creative journey.  I joined Stampin’ UP! as an Independent Demonstrator.

Well one thing led to another.  Now here we are several years later and I have a thriving Stampin’ UP! business that I love, I’ve earned several trips, and large cash bonuses.  Not to mention a nice monthly income.  However, this still wasn’t quite enough for me.

My daughter is growing up and in school and I have more time on my hands.

I get asked on a regular basis how I do what I do and how I have been so successful with Stampin’ UP! so quickly.

Now it’s my turn to give back.  To fill in the gaps of what you don’t know so that you can have success.